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Mutual Satisfaction
Conflicts can be common in personal and business relationships.  In most cases, third parties contribute to this.  While using intermediate people to handle your affairs can spare you some time, it is equally important that those intermediaries know and respect your position in order to avoid conflicts.  But, then again, that does not work out every time and dispuates and conflicts arise.  When this happens, do not get carried away because you know that courtrooms can be costly.  Contact us and we will provide counseling for both parties and reach an agreement that will benefit you both.
Working it out

Working out your differences outside of a courtroom can prove beneficial for all parties involved in a dispute – be it two or more. Why? Well, money for starters. Legal fees, lawyers and then a verdict that may be or may not be in your favor (whether rightfully so or not) – everything sums up to wasted money, frustrations and sleepless nights.

Why go through all that? Why not avoid it all and work it out like you should – like human beings? Sit down with one of our mediators and try to solve whatever conflicts you might have with someone. It is a civilized manner to deal with quarrels nowadays and it will prove beneficial for both your pockets and your life. You will feel better about yourselves if you do not end up resenting a final, irrevocable decision and solve the conflict in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

So do not stand around filling yourself with resentments! Act today and act like a civilized human being. Employ Javitch Mediation and you will find yourself in a win-win situation in a controlled, safe and comfy environment.

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